Artists Lizzy Brooks and Radka Pulliam's TEMPORAL CITIES project

Excited to hear about this project, happening concurrently with Massive Urban Change, but in a different part of the city! Check out their opening on Thursday night. These are two terrific artists. 

TEMPORAL CITIES @ Ramon's Tailor in the Tenderloin 

Please join Lizzy Brooks and Radka Pulliam in the opening of our new show about place and permanence in the Tenderloin. We have three pieces that explore nuanced personal experience and the history of our neighborhood. 

Opening Reception & First Thursday Art Walk: Thursday, Nov. 6, 6-10:00pm

Open Hours: Monday-Saturday, 6:00-9:00pm through December 6 
At Ramon’s Tailor


Temporal Cities is the start of an ongoing, collaborative project between artists Lizzy Brooks and Radka Pulliam. During their time at Ramon’s Tailor, they will explore the changing nature of a city and our own ideas of permanence. This project will evolve and continue to have a life long afterward!

The main visual, a projected, historic image of the Tenderloin, will exist in the picture window of the gallery. Eventually, the pigment on the slide will fade and the image will disappear. The change is barely perceptible and reminds us of what was here before us and what will remain once we are gone. 

During the evenings, when the image is most visible, Lizzy and Radka will be in the space, or on the sidewalk, using this beacon of light as an entry point to talk with neighbors. They will record and edit these interactions for use in future exhibition venues.

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